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(spɪˈliːən) or


(Biology) of, found in, or inhabiting caves: spelaean animals.
[C19: via New Latin, from Latin spēlaeum a cave, from Greek spēlaion]


or spe•le•an

(spɪˈli ən)

pertaining to or inhabiting caves.
[1830–40; < Latin spēlaeum cave (< Greek spḗlaion) + -an1]
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This region is part of a Spelean province composed by Neoproterozoic carbonatic rocks known as Serra da Ibiapaba, originating in the Upper Neogene-Quaternary according to Auler et al.
When the level dropped, the stalagmites formed from water drops from the cave ceiling (spelean calcite).
You can sit on a bench, pick up another receiver, and have Sonnabend's whole theory laid out for you through a series of haunting dioramas of variously intersecting (and compoundingly complexifying) cones and planes, complete with a representation of such technical subtleties as the perverse and obverse experience boundaries, the Spelean Ring Disparity, "the Hollows," and, perhaps most provocatively, the Cone of Confabulation.