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Section 7 of Republic Act 9072 otherwise known as the National Caves and Cave Resources Management Act, prohibits the destroying, disturbing, defacing, marring, altering, removing, or harming the speleogem or speleothem of any cave or altering the free movement of any animal or plant life into or out of any cave.
Modifications include lighted and paved concrete walking pathways, colored lighting to illuminate speleothem formations, and excavation of a second entrance, which have likely altered airflow and relative humidity.
Barite mineralization in association with calcitic speleothem precipitates in cave structures in Silurian Aeronian carbonate rocks in Kalana quarry, Central Estonia, was studied.
These fibrillar prisms are more closely similar to abiotic speleothem deposits than to the calcitic prisms of pteriomorph bivalves.
Dominguez-Villar, Preservation of Nom-Metal Complexes in a Modern Hyperalkaline Stalagmite: Implications for Speleothem Trace Element Geochemistry, Geochim.
As far as cave and karst science in particular was concerned, no real development of our knowledge of cave or speleothem formation could take place without an understanding of limestone solution, and this did not occur until later in the nineteenth century (Shaw iv).
Rainwater percolating through the caves has festooned their interiors with impressive speleothem features such as stalagmites, stalactites, and flowstone formations (Figure 4).
The team reconstructed a rainfall record stretching back 450 years from unprecedented speleothem samples from Yok Balum cave in Belize using uranium thorium dating from the chemical composition in the speleothems containing aragonite, which is high in uranium.
Having perfected this method of speleothem chronology with near pinpoint accuracy in previous research over the years in their state-of-the-art Radiogenic Isotope Laboratory at UNM that Asmerom leads, they were equipped to date the delicate florets that adhered to the top of Naia's body after she fell in the cave.
(2009) from a speleothem record from Hoti Cave in the Hajar Mountains of Oman.
Hawkesworth, "Centennial-scale holocene climate variability revealed by a high-resolution speleothem [delta]18O record from SW Ireland," Science, vol.