spell checker

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spell checker

or spell·check·er (spĕl′chĕk′ər)
An application within most word processing programs that checks for spelling errors in documents.

spell check v.
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(or spell′ing) check`er,

a computer program for checking the spelling of words in an electronic document.
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The Khmer Writers Association and Cambodian literature lovers have volunteered to jointly launch a new online digital spell checker to verify the accuracy of Khmer language text as the Kingdom continues to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0).
Sana lang mas pataasin pa ang kanilang spell check dahil meron namang Word program na spell checker,' he said.
There is extra assistance from the spell checker, dictionary, picture dictionary, and other study tools to help with essays, assignments, or general reading and writing.
Please administer a sharp slap to the back of the legs and ask him not to rely on his spell checker. The correct phrase is "a sneak peek", which means a glimpse, glance or peep gained in a clandestine manner.
Incidentally, the spell checker on my computer has a lot of fun with Welsh: brecwast came up as 'precast', brecinio as 'brucine' (poisonous substance derived from seeds) and brinio as 'briny' (clearly my computer pictures me as some sort of salty old sea dog).
Daily I thank the powers that be for the computer spell checker. I never could spell decently.
For the record, there's no way to do a play on Greece and greasy that spell checker likes -- but as Greece's day went, so went US stocks, eventually moving up.
Whereas Naushad-Uz-Zamandevolved a Spell checker using the Double Metaphone Encoding for Bangla language [21].
Like a spell checker that detects misspelled words and offers alternate spellings from its existing database, the tool, called 'Policy Violation Checker', will also offer alternative words or phrases that are 'less risky' from a database created by the user in accordance with the company's policy, the Huffington Post reports.
Among the topics are insert mode, command-line mode, navigating between files with jumps, substitution, and finding and fixing typos with Vim's spell checker. Distributed in the US by O'Reilly Media.
COUNTRYSIDE: I was pleased to find my article on apples in the May/June issue, but it seems that your spell checker doesn't recognize the word "frass." That's F-R-A-S-S, and on the computer I'm using at the moment, it underlines in red.
Inksoft use special tools such as Government approved Standard Localization Glossary for Urdu and Pashto Languages, Standard Urdu Spell Checker and Unicode based Nastaleeq Font for Desktop Publishing.