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Noun1.spell-checker - an electronic dictionary in a word processor that can be used to catch misspelled words
dictionary, lexicon - a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them
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Also included is a thesaurus, spell-checker, calculator, knowledge finder containing 256 encyclopaedic lists, and word games to keep your mind active.
In the days before spell-checker, we always giggled at the mistakes the proof-readers had missed and we took pride in who spotted them first.
Communicate: In Print supports emerging writers with speech feedback and a pictorial spell-checker. So, as you type, you can view graphics and select the option that best illustrates your text's meaning.
The tools include an intelligent web-based electronic dictionary, which will assist in understanding texts like web pages written in Plains Cree, a spell-checker that helps in writing Plains Cree texts, and a language training and education application that supports learners of Plains Cree.
The Tajik language spell-checker may become quite popular product during the active growth of computerization and use of free and open source software in the country.
And the spell-checker insists in importing z into words like prioritise and deletes the u from favourites.
La Force (2009) asks, "Has Spell-Check Ruined Us?" and Leverett (2010) says that the spell-checker "has made much of the native-speaking world worse spellers ...
A computer spell-checker would have flagged "ans," but probably would have let "fro" go.
Moreover, after students graduate and find jobs, most of their writing will be done with the aid of a spell-checker. Allowing older students to use the same aid while taking tests more closely replicates the real world for which their schooling is supposedly preparing them.
The Oxford scientists installed text recognition software (technically called Optical Character Recognition, or OCR), complete with spell-checker and dictionary, onto Marge, a small robot on wheels.
The company said that the new release offers the following new features and improvements: bidirectional single-click translation in over 75 languages from some 2,000 information sources; translation of documents to and from 31 languages, compared with 17 in the previous version; translation of web pages from and to any language; integration with Microsoft Office spellers; access to Wikipedia content in 20 languages; a new contextual awareness Globe that suggests the suitable translation service, spell-checker, unit conversion and other translation assisting tools; results from the world's premier publishing houses, including Britannica, Oxford, Merriam Webster, Pons, Duden, Larousse and Langenscheidt; as well as new, easier-to-use user interface.