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Noun1.spelling checker - an electronic dictionary in a word processor that can be used to catch misspelled words
dictionary, lexicon - a reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them
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A double metaphone encoding for Bangla and its application in spelling checker.In Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Engineering, 2005.
In Microsoft Windows and Office, the computer language settings work in conjunction with the spelling checker (Barnhill, 2009).
Going far beyond the spelling checker, Trask (late linguistics, U.
[For writers who want to test their own documents, FleschKincaid software is available within the spelling checker of recent versions of Microsoft WORD.]
I knew something was odd when Microsoft's spelling checker corrected my typing of Bertelsmann, the German corporation that controls most of the world's English-language trade publishing.
Free dictionaries for the spelling checker are available in 13 languages, plus English legal and medical terms.