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Noun1.spelling contest - a contest in which you are eliminated if you fail to spell a word correctly
contest, competition - an occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants
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In the oral elimination spelling contest last night at the Du Quoin High School, June Schobert placed first.
The first of these events will be the French spelling contest, which will be held on April 3.
"It was an opportunity to encourage students to showcase their skills on a national platform and prepare them for the next edition of the contest which we plan to continue," she added This time, this unique 'spelling bee' or spelling contest was held across 26 schools in Muscat.
In the third year of the spelling contest, the number of contestants has doubled, and the calibre has risen.
AN inter-school spelling contest gets underway at St Christopher's School in Isa Town tomorrow.
The competition, the first spelling contest at the interA[degrees]school level in the country, has already made students curious.
The spelling contest, formatted after a 125-year-old American tradition - the Scripps National Spelling Bee - saw 101 finalists from UAE schools each get two minutes to correctly spell a random word presented by an announcer.
But tune in for the second instalment and that's where the real fun begins; with Carol Vorderman and Jonathan Ross competing in a spelling contest.
Four will remain for the 9.15pm show, and have to guess who's going to win a spelling contest between Carol Vorderman and Jonathan Ross, and the final two have to duel.
Remember how a film about a spelling contest was made memorable thanks to that hyperactive kid in Spellbound?
A TEAM of really good spellers from Kenilworth School are through to the semi finals of a national spelling contest.