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 (spĭ-lŭng′kər, spē′lŭng′-)
One who explores caves chiefly as a hobby; a caver.

[From obsolete spelunk, cave, from Middle English, from Old French spelunque, from Latin spēlunca, from Greek spēlunx.]

spe′lunk′ing n.
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[spɪˈlʌŋkɪŋ] N (US) → espeleología f
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[spɪˈlʌŋkɪŋ] n (US)spéléologie f
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Gina Lopez spelunking in a cave in Sagada Gina truly was fearless.
Aside from the beach party on Naval's famous sandbar, the festival also included a day tour which offered a watchtower visit, cliff jumping, snorkelling, spelunking, manta towing, stand up paddle boarding and other water sports.
Underneath the bridge flows the Sohoton River, which allows one to go swimming, spelunking, nature tripping and boating, and Instagrammable photography, among others.
A full-day excursion with Cockpit Country Adventure Tours involves outdoor hiking through the dense foliage and spelunking in stalagmite-filled Rock Spring Cave.
After the requisite unpluggers' relish about how much time is now available for pursuits like pottery, spelunking, and spaghetti-from-scratch, Manjoo found great meaning in his "analogue" news reading.
Though he did some hiking and spelunking when he was younger, it was only in Asia that he first saw the massive mountains that he would later go on to climb.
Although she did not have a history of spelunking or living in the Mississippi/Ohio river valleys, she endorsed exposure to farm animals.
He denied any nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, rashes, headaches, recent travel, any sick contacts, and recent spelunking or contact with animals.
That aside, anyone can make the trip with no spelunking experience necessary.
Schultz, who had apparently spent months spelunking in the New Haven stacks, may have been a victim of the Buckley archive.
Among the topics are Marie Curie's fingerprint: nuclear spelunking in the Chernobyl zone, future megafauna: a historical perspective on the potential for a wilder Anthropocene, establishing new worlds: the lichens of Petersham, noticing microbial worlds: the postmodern synthesis in biology, holobiont by birth: multi-lineage individuals as the concretion of cooperative processes, and synchronies at risk: the intertwined lives of horseshoe crabs and red knot birds.