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v. spent (spĕnt), spend·ing, spends
1. To use up or put out; expend: spent an hour exercising.
2. To pay out (money).
3. To wear out; exhaust: The storm finally spent itself.
4. To pass (time) in a specified manner or place: spent their vacation in Paris.
a. To throw away; squander: spent all their resources on futile projects.
b. To give up (one's time or efforts, for example) to a cause; sacrifice.
1. To pay out or expend money.
2. To be exhausted or consumed.
1. An amount of money spent on something: doubled the spend on computers.
2. The spending of money; expenditure: the management of spend.

[Middle English spenden, partly from Old English -spendan (from Latin expendēre, to expend; see expend) and partly from Old French despendre, to weigh out; see dispense.]

spend′a·ble adj.
spend′er n.
Synonyms: spend, disburse, expend
These verbs mean to pay or give out money or an equivalent: spent $30 on gas; disbursed funds from the account; expended all her energy teaching the class.
Antonym: save1
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Adj.1.spendable - (used of funds) remaining after taxesspendable - (used of funds) remaining after taxes; "spendable income"
disposable - free or available for use or disposition; "every disposable piece of equipment was sent to the fire"; "disposable assets"
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A software application that will support the top 50-100 cryptocurrencies as valued by market cap and make those cryptocurrencies spendable through their PAX Universal Debit Card.
It aims to change the status of virtual currencies from a share-like object to real spendable currency that would be appealing to the masses.
In sum, using the annuity Mark has spendable funds 40 percent larger at the beginning, and they remain larger until he reaches age 100.
Will these revenues be used to offset Suffolk Countys $150 million-plus structural deficit, or help fill what will be a sales tax revenue gap from consumers with less spendable income from wage stagnation and lower tax refunds due to no longer being able to deduct property taxes?
With Centz, a user can collect all their gift card balances into one spendable lump-sum amount which can be used for any goods and services.
Centra Tokens will also be spendable on the Centra Card & Wallet app beginning Q1 2018.
In calculating the debt to income ratio, monthly payments on mortgage, rent, utilities or taxes should not be counted as debt, while income should be after-tax net spendable income.
One will be spendable anywhere the owner chooses, while the second will only be redeemable at a Volkswagen dealer.
Whatever's in each account, including the main one, is spendable.
This results in two types of monetary exchange: those wherein spendable money (numisma expendibile) is exchanged for spendable money and those wherein spendable money is exchanged for nonspendable money (numisma non expendibile).
I think it gives everybody more spendable income because for the last few years, we've been suffering.