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v. spent (spĕnt), spend·ing, spends
1. To use up or put out; expend: spent an hour exercising.
2. To pay out (money).
3. To wear out; exhaust: The storm finally spent itself.
4. To pass (time) in a specified manner or place: spent their vacation in Paris.
a. To throw away; squander: spent all their resources on futile projects.
b. To give up (one's time or efforts, for example) to a cause; sacrifice.
1. To pay out or expend money.
2. To be exhausted or consumed.
1. An amount of money spent on something: doubled the spend on computers.
2. The spending of money; expenditure: the management of spend.

[Middle English spenden, partly from Old English -spendan (from Latin expendēre, to expend; see expend) and partly from Old French despendre, to weigh out; see dispense.]

spend′a·ble adj.
spend′er n.
Synonyms: spend, disburse, expend
These verbs mean to pay or give out money or an equivalent: spent $30 on gas; disbursed funds from the account; expended all her energy teaching the class.
Antonym: save1


 (spĕn′dər), Sir Stephen Harold 1909-1995.
British writer whose poetry reflects personal emotional responses to social and political injustices. His works include the collection The Still Centre (1939) and The Generous Days (1971).
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(Banking & Finance) a person who spends money in a manner specified: a big spender.


(Biography) Sir Stephen. 1909–95, English poet and critic, who played an important part in the left-wing literary movement of the 1930s. His works include Journals 1939–83 (1985) and Collected Poems (1985)
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(ˈspɛn dər)

Stephen, 1909–96, English poet and critic.
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Noun1.Spender - English poet and critic (1909-1995)
2.Spender - someone who spends money prodigallyspender - someone who spends money prodigally
prodigal, squanderer, profligate - a recklessly extravagant consumer
big spender, high roller - one who spends lavishly and ostentatiously on entertainment; "the last of the big spenders"
3.spender - someone who spends money to purchase goods or services
customer, client - someone who pays for goods or services
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[ˈspendəʳ] Ngastador(a) m/f
big spenderpersona f generosa (pej) → derrochador(a) m/f
to be a free spendergastar libremente su dinero (pej) → ser derrochador
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[ˈspɛndər] n
to be a big spender [person] → être dépensier/ière; [organization, nation] → dépenser beaucoup d'argent
The Swiss are Europe's biggest spenders on food → Parmi les Européens, les Suisses sont ceux qui dépensent le plus d'argent en nourriture.
to be a compulsive spender → être un(e) acheteur/euse compulsif/ive
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n he is a big/free spenderbei ihm sitzt das Geld locker; the Arabs are the big spenders nowadaysheutzutage haben die Araber das große Geld; the last of the big spenders (iro)ein echter Großkapitalist (hum)
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[ˈspɛndəʳ] n to be a big spenderavere le mani bucate
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A notorious spender, his latest pile was already on the fair road to follow the previous six.
The girls said that Piggy was a "spender." There would be a grand dinner, and music, and splendidly dressed ladies to look at, and things to eat that strangely twisted the girls' jaws when they tried to tell about them.
But the Saints, helped by the introduction of Aeron Edwards and Simon Spender at the break, hit back to register a third win from four league games this season.
Some users claimed to have spent "a fortune" for the hopes of seeing their K-pop idols, in response to Shopee's promo that said "participant must have a minimum accumulated spend of Php4,000 to qualify as a Top Spender." The promo, posted on BlackPinkUpdate.
The United States remained the world's largest spender on defense in 2018, deploying more money for weapons than the next eight countries combined. Russia's defense spending has fallen for the second year in a row.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan was 2018's 20th biggest military spender in the world with an expenditure of $11.4 billion a report published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri) said on Monday.
ARE you a saver or a spender? According to new research, one in five (20%) of us think of ourselves as a spender, while two in five (39%) favour saving over splashing out - leaving the other 41% somewhere in the middle.
He may have been the Senate's top spender in 2017, but Sen.
Mama Kin Spender are playing a mini Irish tour kicking off tomorrow night in Galway.
self-sufficient spender (14%) YOU'RE confident, independent in spirit and like to make life as easy as possible.
Raman Bhatia, Head of Digital Bank, HSBC UK said: "The test showed me that I am a Trend Spender, so it really doesn't surprise me that 55 per cent of people like me admit to making impulse purchases.