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A white crystalline platinum mineral, essentially PtAs2.

[After Francis Louis Sperry (died 1906), Canadian chemist.]


(Minerals) a white metallic mineral consisting of platinum arsenide in cubic crystalline form. Formula: PtAs2
[C19: named after F. L. Sperry, Canadian chemist]


(ˈspɛr əˌlaɪt)

a silvery white mineral, platinum arsenide, PtAs2, the only neutral platinum compound.
[1889; after Francis Latin. Sperry (c1862–1906), U.S. chemist, who discovered it; see -lite]
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One of the most exciting specimens on display at the 1986 Munich Show was a sperrylite from the Talnakh orefield, Norilsk region.
Cluff Mining (24): Through its recent acquisition of Sperrylite Resources, Cluff (London) holds rights to four PGM-exploration properties in the Bushveld complex, South Africa.
Other PGM include Pt-free merenskyite, michenerite (PdBiTe), sperrylite ([PtAs.
Petrographic (laboratory) studies have identified the PGE host minerals to be kotulskite (a palladium-tellurium-bismuth mineral) and sperrylite (a platinum-arsenide mineral).
For over 80 years the Tweefontein farm in the Transvaal province of South Africa has been famous among mineralogists and mineral collectors for producing some of the world's largest and finest crystals of sperrylite.
Bottley it was who sold me my first example of a platinum mineral, sternly warning me at the time that it was "expensive" for what it was--a gleaming perfect quarter-inch sperrylite cube from Rustenberg priced at "five bob," the equivalent of 50 cents U.
Maiwan & other small mines) Xiangtan Hunan manganite Xiaojie Sichuan amazonite, quartz Xiaosongshan Ningxia diopside Xikuangshan Hunan barite, calcite, cervantite, fluorite, gypsum, pyrite, quartz, senarmontite, stibiconite, stibnite, sulfur, valentinite Xinzai Yunnan cassiterite Xiongxiong' Guizhou hematite, "limonite," siderite ga Xixia Henan andalusite Xiyugou Liaoning antigorite, chlorite, chrysotile, lizardite, talc, tremolite Xuebaoding Sichuan apatite, aquamarine, cassiterite, (Hujia) dolomite, feldspar, fluorite, goshenite, morganite, muscovite, quartz, scheelite Yangliuping Sichuan bornite, chromium, *danbaite, gold, linnaeite, sperrylite, testiobiopallasite, violarite Yangshuo Guangxi, calcite, cerussite, pyromorphite Zhuang A.
5 Los Lamentos (Mexico), Chromates (Iran), Nealite, Sperrylite, Mullica Hill [square] v.
Collectors really got excited over the appearance of a few sharp sperrylite crystals from Talnach, Norilsk, Russia.
mooihoekite, talnakhite or putoranite), pentlandite, pyrrhotite, cubanite, galena, talmyrite, cabriite, stannopalladinite, atokite-rustenburgite, paolovite, froodite, sperrylite, maslovite, Ag-Au alloy, Fe-rich hydrous silicate, magnetite and calcite.
One fine sperrylite was available for the advanced collector, a cluster with crystals to 1.
He also had a small group of choice specimens from various world localities, including very nice carletonite, serandite (both from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec) and sperrylite (from Russia) miniatures priced at $190 to $280.