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v. t.1.To spit; to throw out.
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NuGEN offers commercial solutions using SPET to create target and strand-specific libraries ready for NGS.
The SPET and Effectiveness Survey are completed annually between July and September of the Army fiscal year by all HPOs or a member of the CHPC (for installations without the standard CHPC model).
V drugih primerih, spet zaradi slave, slovesa, denarja, ugleda ali cesar podobnega, si tretje osebe pripisujejo soavtorstvo clankov.
Air freight markets outlook is positive after signs of renewed growth in July The outlook for air freight markets is cautiously positive after signs of renewed growth in July, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said on Monday Spet. 2.
The SPET is used for detecting many diseases, such as cancer especially thyroid cancer, angina, heart muscle health, internal bleeding, especially the chronic internal bleeding.
MARY' SPET (7.15) w asn'tat her best last time but she had previously finished runner-up in 6f handicaps at Chepstow and Folkestone.Shecanbounceback.
The scanning polarographic electrode technique (SPET) was used to measure the oxygen flux into tissue.
Spet. 28: NAIOP CT and Suburban NY Chapter along with the New York City Chapter invite you to participate in the 17th Annual Golf Outing being held at Westchester Hills Golf Club, White Plains.
The latter include incorporating the single portion exposure technique (SPET) into the procedure for evaluating the safety of flavoring agents, alkoxy-substituted allybenzenes present in foods and essential oils and used as flavoring agents, and addenda to miscellaneous nitrogen-containing substances and substances structurally related to menthol.
. Liza & Huey''sPet Nation begins onMarch 26 on Sky1.
El sistema de permisos de emision transferibles (SPET) es uno de los instrumentos economicos mas innovadores para el control de contaminacion atmosferica actualmente disponibles.
Section five discusses the safety evaluation of flavouring agents under various headings namely dietary exposure estimates, development of the Single Portion Exposure Technique (SPET), criteria to identify flavouring agents of potential concern, data on their usage levels, comparison of dietary estimates from the SPET with Maximized Survey Derived Intake (MSDI) and consideration of combined dietary exposure estimates.