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Noun1.sphagnum moss - any of various pale or ashy mosses of the genus Sphagnum whose decomposed remains form peatsphagnum moss - any of various pale or ashy mosses of the genus Sphagnum whose decomposed remains form peat
moss - tiny leafy-stemmed flowerless plants
genus Sphagnum - a large genus constituting the order Sphagnales: atypical mosses of temperate bogs with leaves that can hold much water
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Crops being tested include bulrush whose tubers can used for animal fodder and stems can make building materials and cavity wall insulation when dried out, while sphagnum moss can be used to replace peat as a growing medium.
Various water-retaining liners include coir and sphagnum moss, although you can even cut up an old woolly jumper to line a basket, which will soak up the water and keep in the compost.
Peat moss, sphagnum moss and coir (a byproduct of coconut processing) are organic materials that you can buy.
Peatland restoration relies on reestablishment of appropriate vegetation, including particularly Sphagnum moss. Sources of propagules for Sphagnum reestablishment are typically chosen because of similar plant species composition and environmental conditions to those of the proposed restoration site (Quinty and Rochefort 2003), and because the sites are geographically nearby (Gorham and Rochefort 2003).
Next, wrap the fern's exposed roots in moist sphagnum moss, and cover with a pouch of breathable plastic mesh.
A letter in the Observer explained how work had been going on in Bridge of Allan both to collect sphagnum moss for dressings and gather, repair and dispatch clothing for troops.
It's about the habitat itself, because of the sphagnum moss -- nowhere else is it quite as deep, full and healthy."
Put the leaf segment on the sphagnum moss to multiply, stick the
Pop in a couple of pieces of charcoal to keep it smelling sweet then add a layer of sphagnum moss to stop soil washing into the gladioli blooms pesky thrips - tiny insects that feed plants and spoil flowers.
For gardeners with concerns about the overuse of peat, an alternative potting medium would be five parts sphagnum moss, three parts horticultural sand and two parts perlite.
When Siddy reappears after running off when Moll resents his fussing over the blisters on her neck, caused by a witch's hair, she finds he has risked life and limb in a steep climb to bring figwort and sphagnum moss to draw out the poison.
On the mountain farm he shares with his wife and young son, Hefin farms native Welsh Mountain sheep - the only breed tough enough to survive the harsh conditions - along with Both are used to manage sensitive habitats and species that depend on grazed livestock, from the endangered Twite to Sphagnum moss.