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 (sfîr′oid′, sfĕr′-)
A body that is shaped like a sphere but is not perfectly round, especially an ellipsoid that is generated by revolving an ellipse around one of its axes.

sphe·roi′dal (sfĭ-roid′l), sphe·roi′dic (-roi′dĭk) adj.
sphe·roi′dal·ly adv.
sphe′roi·dic′i·ty (-dĭs′ĭ-tē) n.


1. (Mathematics) shaped like an ellipsoid of revolution; approximately spherical
2. (Mathematics) of or relating to an ellipsoid of revolution
spheˈroidally, spheˈroidically adv
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Adj.1.spheroidal - having the nature or shape of an ellipsoid
rounded - curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged; "low rounded hills"; "rounded shoulders"


, spheroidal
n. esferoide, de forma esférica.
References in classic literature ?
This goal lay at a low level in a spheroidal cavity about the size of a large barrel.
The company is engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling castings for tractors and automotive parts which includes Grey Iron Castings and Spheroidal Graphite/ Nodular/ Ductile Iron Castings.
Leading manufacturers of cast iron molds offer different solutions based on chemical compositions such as laminar graphite, spheroidal graphite, vermicular graphite, and various others.
Other products on show included rhe lightweight SK-S 36.20 RECOLUBE fifth wheel made from spheroidal graphite cast iron is suitable for imposed loads up to 20 tons.
The stars were actually much farther away and part of the dwarf spheroidal galaxy dubbed Bedin 1.
These properties led astronomers to classify it as a dwarf spheroidal galaxy.
Dwarf spheroidal galaxies are defined by their small size, low-luminosity, lack of dust and old stellar populations [1].
The new sculpture is made of 18 individual blocks and cast as one single element in spheroidal graphite iron.
Staged Growth of Spheroidal Graphite in Ductile Irons (17-087)
The work is a complex spheroidal device composed of 300 stepping motors and 3000 LED lamps.