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 (sfîr′ə-plăst′, sfĕr′-)
A bacterial cell whose cell wall has been degraded, often by the action of an antibiotic or a lysozyme, causing the cell to assume a spherical shape.


(Biology) a bacteria or cell with a deficient cell wall


(ˈsfɪər əˌplæst, ˈsfɛr-)

a Gram-negative bacterial cell with a cell wall that has been altered or is partly missing, resulting in a spherical shape.
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Formation and cultivation of Borrelia burgdorferi spheroplast L-form variants.
4), 50U lyticase/zymolyase (ICN Chemicals, USA) and 10 [micro]l of [beta]-mercaptoethanol were added to the prewashed cells and incubated at 37 [degrees] C (100 rpm) for 30 min until spheroplast was formed.
They stuck a pipette onto the spheroplast and applied suction to the membrane as they looked for tiny currents flowing across the membrane.
The spheroplast suspension was supplemented with 3mL of 8% SDS in TES buffer and incubated at 68[degrees]C for 10min.