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 (sfîr′yə-līt′, -ə-līt′, sfĕr′-)
A small, usually spheroidal body consisting of radiating crystals, found in obsidian and other glassy lava rocks.

spher′u·lit′ic (-lĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Insufficient heating causes voids or bubbles within the plastic structure due to the incomplete sintering of the powder particles and create spherulitic morphology containing very rough topography and deep gaps trapped within the polymers [8], Overheating induces polymer degradation on the inside surfaces that is identified from the presence of carbonyl, vinyl, and hydroperoxide groups in the FT-IR spectroscopy analysis.
Sadoros rhyolite is dark gray, banded, jointed, folded, porphyritic and spherulitic.
Magnification revealed a radiating fibrous pattern that is typical of spherulitic growth (Figure 11, right) and was associated with banding and uneven coloration in the specimen.
Crystallization and spherulitic growth of gadolinium, praseodymium, and mixed didymium heptamolybdate in silica gel medium [17, 18] have been investigated by many workers.
When the surface is observed, only cross sections of the leaves are visible and the crystals exhibit a very regular spherulitic structure.
2 illustrate the distinct spherulitic structure, yet the films are smooth and uniform, which indicates that films are stable and homogeneous.
They occur within the rock as isolated groups of a few individuals, and as large spherulitic lattice-works; their presence can also be inferred in massive compact boracite which commonly has remnant spherulitic structure.
The tubes of calcareous sabellids contain a thin, external, spherulitic layer and a thick, inner, spherulitic prismatic layer (Vinn et al.
The authors try to prove that the most ordered CI in cast iron called spherulitic graphite (SG) have a turbostratique structure.
The orientation values for the precursor MDO films cooled under normal conditions (cooling drum) and not stretched (DR=1) are very low, indicative of a spherulitic structure.
2007) studied direct observation of spherulitic growth stages of CaC[O.