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Noun1.sphincter muscle - a ring of muscle that contracts to close an opening
muscle, musculus - one of the contractile organs of the body
physiological sphincter - a sphincter that is not recognizable at autopsy because its resting arrangement cannot be distinguished from adjacent tissue
anal sphincter, musculus sphincter ani, sphincter ani - the sphincter muscle of the anus
musculus sphincter urethrae, urethral sphincter - a striated sphincter muscle that constricts the urethra
bladder sphincter, musculus sphincter vesicae - the sphincter muscle of the urinary bladder; made up of a thickened muscular layer of bladder around the urethral opening
musculus sphincter ductus choledochi - the smooth muscle sphincter of the common bile duct
musculus sphincter ductus pancreatici - the smooth muscle sphincter of the main pancreatic duct
musculus sphincter pupillae, pupillary sphincter - a ring of smooth muscle surrounding the iris
musculus sphincter pylori, pyloric sphincter, pyloric valve - the sphincter muscle of the pylorus that separates the stomach from the duodenum
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Achalasia treatment involves the removal of obstructions caused because the lower oesophageal sphincter muscle fails to relax.
[16] Children with ARM have variable degrees of striated muscle development from near-normal muscles to complete absence of the sphincter muscle. [17] The sphincter muscle complex is best seen on axial images at the level of the symphysis pubis and below.
In sweet form, it's a heartburn trigger, relaxing the sphincter muscle between the stomach and esophagus.
The partially cut sphincter is more responsive to balloon stretching, and destruction of the remaining sphincter muscle takes less time.
This was performed by a special sphinctometer system (Promedico, Germany, Version 1.51); the device allows quick and precise measurements of the anal sphincter muscle tone during relaxation and squeezing condition.
That break causes the internal sphincter muscle to go into spasm, temporarily choking off blood supply to the area of the fissure.
a) They bind to effector sites in the iris sphincter muscle preventing the action of acetylcholine
The levator palpebrae superioris, pupillary sphincter muscle, and four extraocular muscles (the superior rectus, inferior rectus, medial rectus, and inferior oblique muscles) are innervated by the oculomotor nerve.
Bizarrely, having Botox injected into her sphincter muscle, which is part of the bladder, meant she could urinate for three months, the only time the 27-year-old has been able to do so since 2015.
"In the other, the detrusor muscle is underactive." In both types, the bladder fills to capacity, and the sphincter muscle is unable to prevent overflow.
Dr Roshan Ara Kazi informed that if a significant amount of the sphincter muscle must be cut, the surgery might be performed in more than one stage.
The anal fistula plug poses a lower risk of postoperative impairment of sphincter muscle function and other postoperative complications than the cutting setons and transanal mucosal advancement flap.

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