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n. esfinteroplastia, operación plástica de un esfínter.
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This study was undertaken with effect from March 2010-February 2015, in patients who underwent cholecystectomy, cholecystectomy + choledocholithotomy and cholecystectomy+choledocholithotomy+choledocoduodenost omy/transduodenal sphincteroplasty in the hospital, where attending patients were mostly from lower middle class and poor category.
Pharyngeal flap and sphincteroplasty for velopharyngeal insufficiency have equal outcome at 1 year postoperatively: results of a randomized trial.
The hazards in each procedure are similar, however they are considered the anatomic complications that are common to the following three procedures: cholecystectomy, surgery of the common bile duct, and sphincteroplasty.
The patient underwent a sphincteroplasty, with minor improvement.
Speaking about treatment options for fecal incontinence he discussed the traditional treatment modalities like medications biofeedback, sphincteroplasty, colostomy while the new treatments include sacral nerve stimulation, injectable and implantable agents besides artificial anal sphincter.
Sphincteroplasty and choledocho- duodenostomy for benign biliary obstruction.
Biliary sphincterotomy was done in nine cases while two patients had biliary sphincteroplasty in addition.
The surgical procedures currently available include placation, direct apposition, or the overlapping anterior sphincteroplasty for sphincter repair.
Causes of Pneumobilia (27) Spontaneous biliary-enteric fistula Surgical anastomosis--Whipple's procedure, choledochojejunostomy Incompetent sphincter of Oddi ERCP with papillosphincterotomy or surgical transduodenal sphincteroplasty Emphysematous cholecystitis Trauma
Clinical rather than laboratory assessment predicts continence after anterior sphincteroplasty.