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n. esfinteroplastia, operación plástica de un esfínter.
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While all the patients received sphincteroplasty, 10 had levatoroplasty.
Unfortunately, long-term consequences of surgical interventions (sphincteroplasty, perineorrhaphy, and transposition of muscle flaps) are unsatisfactory.
Various risk factors have been identified including difficult cannulation, pancreatic duct cannulation, pancreatic duct contrast injection, balloon sphincteroplasty, young age and female gender6.
The patients are supposed to be recommended with surgery which includes transduodenal operative approach repaired, sphincteroplasty, T-tube drainage, and even hepaticojejunostomy within 24 h when initial endoscopic and conservative management did not yield good results.
Also excluded were those with chronic constipation or diarrhoea, hypo- or hyperthyroidism, hypo- or hyperparathyroidism and those having undergone perineal or prolapse surgery such as sphincteroplasty, sphincterotomy, perineoplasty or pelvic floor repair.
We performed combined anal sphincteroplasty and counterclockwise rotation manner gracilis muscle transposition procedure by transperineal access to provide the ischioanal fossa access in a male patient suffered from complet fecal incontinence (FI) for one year following low anterior rectal resection operation.
Lee et al., "Endoscopic large-balloon sphincteroplasty without preceding sphincterotomy for the removal of large bile duct stones: a preliminary study," Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, vol.
There are various operative procedures, such as the advancement flap, sphincteroplasty and fistulectomy, coloanal anastomosis, and gracilis muscle repair to manage rectovaginal fistulas [11, 12].
Though other surgical treatments are available if conservative measures fail (e.g., sphincteroplasty, dynamic graciloplasty, and sacral nerve stimulators), treatment for FI with DxHA injections has become increasingly popular.
The morphine-prostigmine provocation (Nardi) test for sphincter of Oddi dysfunction: results in healthy volunteers and in patients before and after transduodenal sphincteroplasty and transampullary septectomy.
Portal hypertensive biliopathy as a cause of serious bleeding after sphincteroplasty during ERCP is extremely rare.