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n.1.One who seasons with spice.
2.One who deals in spice.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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So far indeed did his information extend, and so acutely retentive was his memory, that he was supposed to be the only man who could have told you who Julius Beaufort, the banker, really was, and what had become of handsome Bob Spicer, old Mrs.
Spicer, shoemaker and parish-clerk, who had it from his brother, the respectable bell-hanger in Lowick Gate.
For more information about Amilia K Spicer, her Folk Alliance festival appearances, or for review copies of Fill Me Up and Wow and Flutter please contact: Chip Schutzman, Miles High Productions, chip@mileshighproductions.com, 323-806-0400
Arizona Nutritional Supplements (ANS), a Chandler-AZ contract manufacturer of vitamins, supplements and sports nutrition products, has promoted Craig Macnair to chief financial officer, and hired Matthew Spicer as vice president of strategic sourcing.
Churchill Retirement is celebrating its 21st with a vintage garden party at its Spicer Lodge development in Stourbridge.
On a personal level, letters in the collection cast light on Spicer's relationships with her family at home and those formed with her colleagues, students, and Ginling College alumnae--her "family in China." They reflect Spicer's very English background and reveal her difficulties in adjusting not just to Chinese society but also to the strongly American character of campus life in Nanking.
In another recent case in Ohio, a Sheriff's Deputy named Eric Spicer used his office to procure a select-fire, HK416 carbine with his own money, then maintained possession of the gun after he was fired from the agency.
Spicer has been selected to serve on the Defense Research Institute's drug and medical device steering committee.
Technology has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past few years, but both visual and ultrasonic inspection systems have drawbacks that limits their use to non-critical joins, says Malcolm Spicer, NDT consultant Level 3 at The Welding Institute (TWT).
Grand Hyatt Muscat has welcomed British national Allan Spicer as the hotel's new entertainment and club manager.
WARREN "RED" SPICER'S FAMILY WAS LUCKY: Five sons went to war and five came back.
This continuation of a series developed by Mon Amie Films and writer/director Clay Spicer.