spin along


w>spin along

vi (= move quickly)(dahin)rasen, (dahin)sausen
References in classic literature ?
THE Gallant Crew at a life-saving station were about to launch their life-boat for a spin along the coast when they discovered, but a little distance away, a capsized vessel with a dozen men clinging to her keel.
"Now then, Jack, my boy," said he, "spin along, we'll show them how we can get over the ground, if we only know why."
"We are beginning to spin along with that old suit at last, I promise you."
If I had told Sandy I had seen a wagon, uninfluenced by enchantment, spin along fifty miles an hour; had seen a man, unequipped with magic powers, get into a basket and soar out of sight among the clouds; and had listened, without any necromancer's help, to the conversation of a person who was several hundred miles away, Sandy would not merely have supposed me to be crazy, she would have thought she knew it.
Newmarket Anthony Burke Bank On Me (6.10 Kempton, nap) Looked in fine fettle in a spin along the Cambridge Road on Saturday morning, doing enough to suggest he can take this event off today's mark.
Travelers can even take a quick spin along the bike path that connects to the airport.
With that in mind, I decided it was time to take a spin along the N7 to Saggart to check it out.
The 'Open Track' will offer thrill seekers a chance to take their own cars or motorbikes out for a spin along the same circuit the superstars of Formula One have raced on over the years.
The leaders of the faux flock of fowl spin along, continuously capturing and then losing the top spot.
The vines spin along the floor Twisting and turning, Crawling up
As the field then rotates, slowly at first and then rapidly, its electric force makes the molecule spin along with it.
Suppose that the way in which the particle pair is produced puts them in an entangled quantum state in which neither is assigned a definite spin along the x axis and, indeed, each has a 50/50 chance of exhibiting either spin up or spin down when spin is measured along that axis.