spin casting

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spin casting


spin caster n.


(ˈspɪn ɪŋ)

a. the act or process of twisting fibers, as cotton or rayon, into yarn or thread.
b. the extrusion of a fiber-forming solution through a spinneret to form filaments.
2. the act or process of secreting and placing silk or silklike filaments, as in the construction of a web by a spider or the formation of a cocoon by a caterpillar.
3. Also called spin casting, spin fishing. the act or technique of fishing with a spinning reel and rod.
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Hands-on skill practice follows, for releasing, knot tying, dehooking, bait rigging, spin casting, fly casting, gaffing grapefruits, cast netting, trailer backing, boat handling and more until 4:30 pm.
Spin casting starts with a two-part mold, top and bottom, full of mating holes the size of the desired pellets.
Trap shooting, archery, spin casting and identifying wildlife tracks are all part of the course when the ODFW holds its Running Wild 5K Run/Walk and Outdoor Skills Challenge from 9 a.m.
Injection molding is 80% of its business, the rest being spin casting of PEEK tubes and plastic part machining.
Alternately, you might choose a revolving-spool baitcast outfit with 30-pound braid; learn to fish the baitcaster in the traditional style, switching from your casting hand to the other while retrieving, and you'll give your spin casting arm a rest.
Currently, spin casting is primarily used in the industry to make uniform films.
The EcoCast geopolymer liner was then applied to the inside of the pipe using a spin casting process.