spin fishing

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spin fishing



(ˈspɪn ɪŋ)

a. the act or process of twisting fibers, as cotton or rayon, into yarn or thread.
b. the extrusion of a fiber-forming solution through a spinneret to form filaments.
2. the act or process of secreting and placing silk or silklike filaments, as in the construction of a web by a spider or the formation of a cocoon by a caterpillar.
3. Also called spin casting, spin fishing. the act or technique of fishing with a spinning reel and rod.
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Fly-fishing beginners often wonder, "What is all this stuff?" Spin fishing includes a rod, reel, some line, a hook, and bait.
Outdoor skills include shooting firearms, bows, muzzle loaders, spin fishing, fly fishing, nature photography, edible plants, kayaking and outdoor cooking.
Fly anglers use rods which are longer and lighter than those which are used for cast and spin fishing.