spin the bottle

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spin′ the bot′tle

a game in which someone spins a bottle and receives a kiss from the person at whom the bottle points on coming to rest.
[1945–50, Amer.]
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Noun1.spin the bottle - a game in which a player spins a bottle and kisses the person that it points to when it stops spinning
child's game - a game enjoyed by children
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Caption: Bottles of Scratchpad come with a pencil for consumers to design their own labels, while the Spin the Bottle label creates the illusion of movement.
On New Year's Eve, we were in the teen lounge, playing Spin the Bottle. We kissed (on the cheek) about 10 times.
On September 26, The Sunday Times carried a report saying that the author and veteran of four marriages " finished the evening by snogging fellow guests Nigella ( Lawson), Mariella Frostrup and Dannii Minogue in a game of spin the bottle." One of the women named in the piece -- Frostrup, 47, a book show host on Sky Arts and a presenter on BBC's Radio 4 , has now sued The Sunday Times for carrying the story.
But after we read the label it was necessary to spin the bottle around just the right amount so that the front of the label would be visible in the window, and we found that this was difficult to accomplish."
A built-in optional rotation feature can spin the bottle to speed up the chilling process.
Anna Lenzer's "Spin the Bottle" set the Web a-Twitter, netting thousands of tweets.
An alcoholic, as well as a workaholic, and even a member of the Magic Circle, Gardner's only non-fiction book was his autobiographical piece, Spin the Bottle, in 1964, in which he admitted to drinking two bottles of gin a day.
They describe how to set up and play 19 games ranging from the very simple (such as give-and-take) to the complex (such as spin the bottle) and those with social rules such as exchanging toys.
Summer 2001: In a joint promotion with McDonald's, 'N Sync and Britney Spears film a commercial with her and the boys playing spin the bottle. Bass spins, sprays breath freshener into his mouth, and the bottle lands on a less-than-thrilled Justin Timberlake.
Sworn enemies Nikki and Aisleyne recently shared a lesbian kiss (with tongues) during a game of spin the bottle and the frisky blondes head Friday's eviction market.
HE is best known as the hapless Rats Doyle in Spin The Bottle, but television viewers are soon to see a very different side to Irish actor Michael McElhatton.
You don't think Sarasotans like Wayne Barcomb (Blood Tide, Spin the Bottle), Peter King (the "Gourmet Detective" mysteries) and Joanne Meyer (Fortune Cookie, Heavenly Detour) think this stuff up sitting on a dock, do you?