A game in which players take turns spinning a bottle and kissing the person it points toward when it comes to rest.
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NEW Liverpool music and club night promises party games including Adigital spin-the-bottle, Bat the Rat and a dancing and fighting game using hacked Playstation motion controllers.
There's a random spin-the-bottle game inserted somewhere here, but I digress.
And Paddy Power said: "Most people's approach to picking bets for the National are about as scientific as a game of spin-the-bottle."
A spin-the-bottle game decides who the driver will be, and a calculator estimates blood-alcohol content.
Leelee Sobieski makes for a suitable blank slate as Davis' virginal Candide, wandering through an endless series of cutesy, naughty setups with wide-eyed astonishment, her unfortunate childhood spin-the-bottle experiences apparently having made her swear off sex for life.
The characters are introduced with illustrated "baseball cards" at the beginning, and younger YAs who are into baseball and curious about relating to girls--What happens at a spin-the-bottle party?
GLYN FOR THE KILL: Lea snogs her first victim in the spin-the-bottle game' MOUTH TO MOUTH: Lea gets to grips with Pete and later Nikki.
NO MORE boring games of spin-the-bottle for Irish partygoers - nowadays the host with the most hires a few real party animals to make sure their day is really wild.
When police officers asked her why she was wearing so few clothes, she said she had lost a spin-the-bottle game and that this was the forfeit.
When they were all playing spin-the-bottle, he was on his own in the jacuzzi.
The other female is an eagerly lascivious schoolgirl Hanna meets at a teen party where kids slow dance and play spin-the-bottle. In a particularly lyrical sequence held together by dreamy dissolves, Hanna and Laura (Charlotte Christeler) spot each other across a crowded room and find themselves kissing in an alley.
Melbourne, April 25 (ANI): Australian teenage girls are skolling straight vodka in a new form of the spin-the-bottle game to get drunk quickly.

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