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(Anatomy) anatomy the spine


n. spina, espina.
1. protuberancia en forma de espina;
2. la espina o columna vertebral.
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Most small business owners don't have practical expertise in hiring and training, which often leads to less than ideal customer service situations; when this happens, online reviews can take a hit, prospects won't return, and customers are lost," states Spina, a former retail business owner herself who's been working with small businesses for 11 years.
When the first volumes of the Confines epic were written, in Italian, Spina was living in Libya.
The purpose of this study was to identify factors associated with self-management behaviors in children with spina bifida.
Shine, the charity celebrating its golden anniversary year, is calling for better access to health and social services for people with spina bifida and hydrocephalus.
A spina bifida patient can receive therapy and surgery and aim to live a better quality life.
3%) had spinal dysraphism, with 15 patients having spina bifida, 11 had tethered cord, 10 had a myelomeningocoele, 7 had a diastematomyelia, 6 had associated spinal lipomas, 3 had a dermal sinus tract, 2 had myelocoeles and 1 had an associated dermoid cyst.
Spina bifidayi fetal donemde tespit etmek mumkundur.
Spina, corporate vice president of expense optimization, had the longer tenure of the two.
Urinary incontinence may be one of the most difficult challenges for a person with spina bifida to manage effectively, as leakage and the subsequent odour may cause isolation in the home or workplace.
But Gill knows only too well that while taking folic acid can cut your baby's chance of having spina bifida by more than 70 per cent, it sadly doesn't prevent all cases.
We highlight the urologic challenges of breast cancer management in the neurogenic bowel population, as well as the utility of an adult spina bifida clinic.
The week, which runs from October 19-26 and encompasses World Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Day, aims to further the level of awareness about the conditions via a whole host of events.

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