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Noun1.spinnability - the quality of being suitable for spinning or the capability of being spun (used of textile fibers)
spinnbarkeit - the capacity of a viscous liquid (especially the cervical mucus) to be drawn out into a strand or blown up into a bubble
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
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This fiber has good strength and excellent spinnability is an ecological and environmentally friendly textile raw material.
Material properties, such as viscosity, conductivity, molecular weight and surface tension, as well as processing parameters, such as applied electric field, distance between the tip and the collector feeding rate, air temperature and humidity, all influence spinnability and tuning properties of the fabricated products [8-10].
Although having good spinnability, PLA has low heat resistance, high rigidity and brittleness after long-term storage.
Although Cs has been electrospun before [21, 23], in this work, its spinnability in a circumferential configuration has been tested for the first time.
Table 1: The optimised values of the operating parameters for spinnability and brief highlights of the morphology of the fibres in the scaffolds.
Inadequate D[P.sub.n] can severely affect the spinnability and lower the product quality.
Prior to evaluating the ability to cross-link the fiber, our research group previously examined the spinnability of PEO/CH solution, by preparing a group of polymeric scaffolds upon 30-35% relative humidity, stablishing adequate atmospheric parameters in order not to impact on the surface morphology and merely to study the influence of the cross-linked process.
He et al., "Preparation of PA6/nano titanium dioxide (Ti[O.sub.2]) composites and their spinnability," Macromolecular Symposia, vol.
Therefore, in this study, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), which possesses good spinnability, was added to the gelatin aqueous solution to improve its electrospinning performance.
The interactions between lignin and PEO in this system enhanced the spinnability and allowed reduction of PEO content.
For polypropylene leader ExxonMobil, improvements often center improved spinnability. Its SFT315 is a softer grade of polypropylene that is described as very cotton-like by the company.
Final photoresist formulations include the resin, photo acid generator, adhesion promoters, solvent blends for spinnability, and the resin (or perhaps a blend of resins).