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Adj.1.spinnable - capable or susceptible to being influenced by biased information
impressible, impressionable, waxy - easily impressed or influenced; "an impressionable youngster"; "an impressionable age"; "a waxy mind"
2.spinnable - capable of being spun into fibres
flexile, flexible - able to flex; able to bend easily; "slim flexible birches"
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Thus, while filtration of solutions with spinnable concentrations is not possible through small size filters such as 1 [micro]m, surfactant-assisted purification is a possible approach to reduce the inhomogeneity in the PAN solutions.
Using this grant, we purchased a 50-inch television monitor and stand, an upright spinnable wheel, and several $10 gift certificates for a convenience store near the hospital.
And it should have, had it not been for the nova-like eruption of cotton-hunger in Britain's "dark, satanic mills" (as William Blake called the Industrial Revolution), and the maniacal simplicity of the cotton gin, whose invention in 1793 transformed tough-seeded field cotton into clean, spinnable bales of white gold.
In their analyses of the genome data, Voight and colleagues also identified 649 likely genes that are not spidroin genes but are highly expressed in silk glands, and thus probably have roles in converting the liquid silk from spider cells into solid, spinnable threads -- a tricky process that biotech engineers are just beginning to achieve outside of spiders.
Some companies developed spinnable LLDPE for textile application, but it is a blend of PE and other additive polymers.
Too, so-called spinnable airplanes--those preferably lacking gyro-driven instruments, which typically are damaged by repeated spins--were becoming rare.
Negative correlation of fibre length and strength with seed surface area, number of spinnable fibres per unit seed surface area, seed number per boll, lint percentage and other boll related traits was found (Smith and Coyle 1997).
In addition, the inner capillary projects a little from the surface of the outer capillary, which is expected to make the sheath DMAc well encompass the core codissolving spinnable solutions.
By creating core/shell structures with a "spinnable" polymer on the outside, coaxial electrospinning allows the formation of fibers from polymers that do not readily form electrospin on their own.
Play consists of following a series of audio commands issued through speakers by the toy, which has multiple inputs including pull-handles, twistable cranks, spinnable wheels, toggle switches, and a centrally located large round button that is pressed to start the game.
The methods are limited to spinnable fluids, which do not include paints and inks unless they are highly thickened.
Only 10/90, 30/70 and 50/50 flax/cotton blends were spinnable under this conditions.