spinning rod

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spin′ning rod`

a flexible fishing rod used with a spinning reel.
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Noun1.spinning rod - a fishing rod designed for casting a spinning lurespinning rod - a fishing rod designed for casting a spinning lure
fishing pole, fishing rod - a rod of wood or steel or fiberglass that is used in fishing to extend the fishing line
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Not knowing what species of fish awaited me I took a 6 1/2-foot Grandt spinning rod out of the case and tied the River Runt to the end of 8-pound mono.
So to stop the rot, I took my spinning rod to the Trossachs.
Greg Robertson from Wark travelled light with a small spinning rod, landing the week's best fish at 4lb 12oz and one of 4lb 1oz.
After hooking a 200lb yellow fin tuna on his 50lb class spinning rod and reel in two hours and 40mins, it put my 'good day' on a hard cut for 2lb of 'bits' into place!
The junior prizes are a spinning rod and a fishing tackle goody bag donated by Reg Aspinall.
"Once you learn it, you never forget." After documenting that mice, in fact, sprout new spines along dendritic branches, within six hours after training on the spinning rod, the researchers set out to understand how sleep would impact this physical growth.
But now, a number of expatriates from Asian countries are also buying fishing-rods."A[yen] Even though different kinds of fishing rods are available in Doha, fibreglass spinning rod is the most in demand.
CHANNEL ISLANDER Dave Roberts, from Jersey, fishes two or three times a week from local shores with a spinning rod, fixed-spool reel, 14lb braid line and a jelly sand-eel as bait.
Further up the healthy chain come human fishers, either wading or drifting to try their luck with a fly line or spinning rod. Where a riverbank is mostly cement, this healthy chain cannot develop.
In the early days of the spinning reel I recall watching one angler who was to us youngsters a "magician" with the spinning rod and reel - if catching barrowfuls of fish made him a magician!
Spin Fishing Basics: How to Catch Fish on a Spinning Rod, Even If You've Never Fished Before is a handy guide to spin-fishing techniques for readers of all backgrounds and experience levels.