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The indulgent voices of JB and Youngjae urge you to listen as they croon, 'Look at me, I'm afraid.' The track introduces the thematic metaphor of the spinning top that revolves around all six songs.
After their last self-produced album 'Present: You' hit the international and local charts, JYP Entertainment's GOT7 came back on May 20 with EP 'Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity' and lead track 'Eclipse' and continued their winning streak on the iTunes chart.
K-pop boy band GOT7 released their new album "Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity" on May 20 and they said one of their main goals is to win a daesang or grand prize at year-end music awards shows in Korea.
The WSW'18 was launched on Oct 4, 2018 with the events like comprised of Space Parade, Space In Quran, Spinning Top Workshop, Space Life Workshop, Sports In Space Workshop, Image Interpretation workshop, Remote Sensing Applications, Shooting the Night Sky, Pin Wheel design, Sally Earth Kam, Experiencing Space Station, Google Earth Workshop, Navigating Google Earth, Space Siblings, Story Writing, Space Solutions, Space Commercialization, Astropreneurship, Boomerang Wings, Paper Spinning Top, Pin Wheel Design, Painting, Mask Design and Model Display.
Instead of plastic comb and spinning top, these crackers contain a range of items that include a gold bar and diamond necklace.
This year's list includes a mini kitchen ([pounds sterling]59), a mini Waitrose supermarket ([pounds sterling]45), an electric spinning top ([pounds sterling]14.99) and a talking puppy ([pounds sterling]134.99).
Donald Trump has been u-turning like a spinning top over the historic diplomatic encounter with Kim Jong-un planned for three weeks from now.
The 'toss' is won by a person who spins and picks up the spinning top the quickest.
A police car followed him, but he accelerated through Bagdale towards the junction with Broomfield Terrace, a residential area, where he lost control of the BMW which began to "fishtail" and swivel around "like a spinning top".
THE last few years have been such a spinning top that the bottom has fallen out of the New Year predictions business.
THE spinning top was a marvellously simple toy, possibly invented by Leonardo da Vinci himself, when he wasn't busy with his Code.
First, from the discussion of the whirl motion for a spinning top rotating with an inclination angle of 9 that is the angle between the vertical axis going through the support point of the spinning top and the rotating axis of the spinning top, the authors indicated that the gyroscopic moment makes 9 smaller for a forward whirl which takes place in the same direction as the rotation of the spinning top itself, and that the gyroscopic moment makes 9 larger for a reverse whirl which takes place in the reverse direction as the rotation of the spinning top itself.