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A mathematical object associated with group representations, often used in theoretical physics to model certain topological properties of space. Spinors resemble vectors but change sign (that is, they are multiplied by -1) when rotated 360 degrees.

[spin + -or (on the model of tensor vector).]
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(General Physics) physics a type of mathematical object
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Equation (5) gives two coupled first-order differential equations for the radial spinor components.
Let c : Cl(T[[??].sub.t]) [right arrow] End(S) be the usual representation of the Clifford algebra on the bundle of spinors S, so that
Soler, "Classical, stable, Classical, stable, nonlinear spinor field with positive rest energy," Physical Review D Particles & Fields, vol.
For the details of spinor bundles [S.sub.i], we refer the reader to [21, Example 3.7].
First we characterize immersions of surfaces into these product spaces by the existence of special spinor fields satisfying an appropriate generalized Killing-type equation, that is an equation involving the spinorial connection (see Theorem 3.1).
This year we will also launch a new micro-grout with Spinor microfine cement in collaboration with Holcim, one of the largest cement manufacture in the world.
Understanding of classical field theory underlies understanding of quantum field theory, and this text covers the subject beginning with a chapter on differential calculus on fiber bundles and proceeding with chapters on Lagrangian field theory, Grassmann-graded Lagrangian field theory, Lagrangian BRST theory, gauge theory on principal bundles, gravitation theory on natural bundles, spinor fields, topological field theories, and covariant Hamiltonian field theory.
We will give an effective characterization for determining when a tropical linear space is isotropical, and we will show that the correspondence between isotropic linear spaces and points in the pure spinor space is lost after tropicalizing.
The 11 papers in this collection review the role of nontrivial symmetries in equilibrium thermodynamics, the Lie derivative of spinor fields, Landen transformation formulas for Jacobi elliptic functions, and the quantum electrodynamics of the Poincare group.