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Bearing spines: spinose gastropods.

[Latin spīnōsus, from spīna, thorn.]

spi·nos′i·ty (-nŏs′ĭ-tē) n.


(ˈspaɪnəʊs; spaɪˈnəʊs)
(Botany) (esp of plants) bearing many spines
[C17: from Latin spīnōsus prickly, from spīna a thorn]
ˈspinosely adv
spinosity n


(ˈspaɪ ni)

adj. spin•i•er, spin•i•est.
1. abounding in or having spines; thorny, as a plant.
2. covered with or having sharp-pointed processes, as an animal.
3. resembling a spine; spinelike.
4. difficult to handle; thorny: a spiny problem.
spin′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.spinose - having spines
rough - of the margin of a leaf shape; having the edge cut or fringed or scalloped
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Hind femur distinctly to strongly swollen, with spinose ventral setae (Chvala 1983; Yang & Yang 2004).
Abdomen: T2 slightly longer than wide; S1 confined beneath T1; male terminal abdominal segments tubular and not laterally compressed; aedeagus more or less straight or with a slight curve; female cerci frequently with short spinose setae dorsally; ovipositor conical.
Pachyglossa has cristate, spinose, and perforate perispores, whereas those of subsect.
The leaf is about 5 cm long, simple, pinnately veined, roughly ovate in shape, and has spinose teeth; only two orders of venation are preserved (Petrescu & Givuleseu, 1986).
Antennae: predominantly pale brown, with distal 1/5 of segment II, distal half of segment III, and all of segment IV darker, segment I bearing 3 erect spinose golden setae, all segments thickly covered with short, appressed pale setae, lengths of segments I-IV = 0.
Il grande pregio di questo testo, infatti, risiede esattamente nella brillante e schietta maestria di Carrino di affrontare certe realta spinose che rischiano di smuovere le acque in maniera improvvisa e definitiva negli animi dei lettori.
7 cm, densely brown lepidote on both sides, dark castaneous toward the base, coarsely spinose at the apex; blades sublinear, slightly narrowed toward the base, suberect-arcuate, 22-30 x 4.
It also controls Gulf Coast ticks and spinose ear ticks and is effective against American dog ticks, cattle fever ticks, lone star ticks, and face flies.
Fourth and fifth pereopods with less spinose flexor surfaces of propodi; each merus unarmed or armed with one to four spines on lateral surface; ischium unarmed or armed with one or two spines on lateral surface.
It is important to note that spinose ornamentation (or even granulation) is usually absent on type material of previously described taxa, not only due to shell exfoliation, but often because techniques used to clean the specimens from sediment have eradicated these important features.
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