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1. Often Offensive A woman, especially an older one, who has not married.
2. Archaic A person, especially a woman, whose occupation is spinning thread.

[Middle English spinnestere, female spinner of thread : spinnen, to spin; see spin + -estere, -ster, -ster.]

spin′ster·hood′ n.
spin′ster·ish, spin′ster·ly adj.
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Noun1.spinsterhood - the state of being a spinster (usually an elderly unmarried woman)
marital status - the condition of being married or unmarried
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n (old)Ehelosigkeit f, → Jungfernstand m (old); she preferred spinsterhoodsie wollte lieber unverheiratet bleiben
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"Some time he'll forget one of 'em and give to the other, or drop 'em both and give to some new girl!" said Delia Weeks, with an experience born of fifty years of spinsterhood.
It was once the residence of a country squire, whose family, probably dwindling down to mere spinsterhood, got merged in the more territorial name of Donnithorne.
And yet, though all these circumstances make the spinsterhood of this old maid an extraordinary thing, it is not difficult to explain how and why, in spite of her fortune and her three lovers, she was still unmarried.
The lawyer for the two girls, Mansour Al-Jitaili, said the two girls were facing spinsterhood because their fathers had prevented them from marrying.
From a Saudi woman's point of view, Jones said, allowing Saudi men to marry foreigners increases the problem of spinsterhood.
I chuckled to myself this week when I read a tweet about spinsterhood. Apparently, there was a time when the word 'spinster' was used exclusively to refer to women between the ages of 23 and 26.
It was she who, while touring with the book, fed rumors of Emily's spinsterhood as a recluse.
The film tackles the spinsterhood problem in a comic way.
But congregations of women religious in the United States did not--meaning many young Irishwomen had a choice between improverished spinsterhood and joining a religious order in the United States where they had opportunities for education and meaningful work.
This new measure means that partners wanting to legalize their relationship must first be able to show their single certificates or obtain them to show proof of their bachelorhood or spinsterhood before a desk officer at the National Archive Center before proceeding with their marriage.
Meanwhile, Nour Salah, 25, also a journalist, expressed to DNE that although the campaign's content is sarcastic yet it is intrinsically established in the term spinsterhood, which is of course completely misogynist, and makes men far removed from the idea of equality.
Adorable, minty Naomi Moronke Silekunola stepped out of spinsterhood as she was given out by her parents and family members in Akure town, Ondo State to the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II as his brand new Olori (queen).