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1. Often Offensive A woman, especially an older one, who has not married.
2. Archaic A person, especially a woman, whose occupation is spinning thread.

[Middle English spinnestere, female spinner of thread : spinnen, to spin; see spin + -estere, -ster, -ster.]

spin′ster·hood′ n.
spin′ster·ish, spin′ster·ly adj.


relating to or resembling a spinster
in the manner of a spinster
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In fact, I was downright spinsterly, living happily with two dogs and working 80+ hours a week, when I realized that I probably shouldn't wait any longer to get going on that whole parenting thing.
Anne demonstrates spinsterly behavior in her refusal to participate in activities related to the marriage market.
To be sure Somerset and Dorset have sea, hills, the melodies of little streams and those squat thatched cottages, where spinsterly knitters gossip, their brains twinkling like needles.