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Of, relating to, or being a lyric operatic voice with some attributes of the dramatic voice: a spinto soprano.

[Italian, past participle of spingere, to push, from Vulgar Latin *expingere : Latin ex-, ex- + Latin pangere, to fasten; see impinge.]

spin′to n.


n, pl -tos
(Music, other) a person who sings with lyrical voice
(Music, other) relating to a lyrical singing voice


(ˈspɪn toʊ, ˈspin-)

having a lyric quality with a strong, dramatic element: a spinto soprano voice.
[1940–45; < Italian: literally, excessive, pushed, past participle of spingere to push < Vulgar Latin *expingere]
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colui che "invece commette adulterio spinto dal desiderio, pagando
Argentinian tenor Marcelo Puente (a welcome first encounter for me) displayed an ardent manner and a ringing spinto sound not averse to the occasional delicacy, though that quality notably eluded his high C in "Salut, demeure." I've heard Mephistos smoother and more seductive than Raymond Aceto s, but his was suitably resonant and a lot of devilish fun, especially when evading the hot-to-trot Marthe of Deborah Nansteel in their garden game of hide-and-seek.
Several years ago, while pursuing a career as a British spinto soprano (she won prizes in two international singing competitions in her mid-20s), Katerina was diagnosed with a rare type of blood cancer.
Her powerful and flexible spinto soprano allows her to sing a wide ranging repertoire from lyric coloratura as Violetta from "La Traviata" to such dramatic role as Tosca.
Riprendendo quanto detto in precedenza, la sceneggiatura si costruisce con scritture e riletture, durante le quali chi scrive e costantemente spinto a ridurre il proprio testo, eliminando quanto non sia plenamente informativo.
Acclaimed for his interpretation of classic belcanto and spinto roles, Alvarez is also internationally renowned as an interpreter of tango and traditional Spanish and Italian songs, stated a press release.
I was already going to be a critic: I thrilled to her spinto mezzo-soprano, memorized her words so I could sing along, and then the second the song ended, for about the thirtieth time, rolled my eyes and said to my brother, "This is so stupid.
In voice pedagogy, I was introduced to new words like support, appoggio, heaviness, or weightiness in a voice, spin, ring, shimmer, chiaroscuro, spinto, robusto, and all the register terminology.
As a lyric spinto soprano, Rebecca Cook-Carter has sung leading roles in major opera companies in America and Europe, such as Zurich Opera, San Francisco Opera, National Theater Mannheim, Portland Opera, Basel Opera, Hawaii Opera, Hamburg Opera, Miami Opera and many others.
Il desiderio di vendetta risulta, pero, superiore e spinto dal bisogno di riscattarsi e di punire il re (vv.
Later in the program he sang another gut-buster, "E lucevan e stele" from Puccini's "Tosca," an aria from Puccini's "Manon Lescaut," and an encore from Verdi's "Il Trovatore," where he demonstrated his recent transition from a leggiero tenor to spinto tenor with a sizzling timbre and astonishing high notes (albeit a bit pushed and over-extended) to great audience acclaim.