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1. (used with a sing. verb) The science that deals with spintronic phenomena.
2. (used with a pl. verb) Spintronic devices and systems: The spintronics in the new computer are very advanced.

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Sabine Richert is conducting fundamental research in the field of molecular spintronics, a new branch in nanoelectronics.
The emerging field of spintronics looks to replace electric currents with what are known as spin currents.
Physicists and materials scientists survey functional materials recently developed for application for electronics and spintronics devices.
This property has been predicted to support an extraordinarily long spin lifetime of carriers promising for spintronics applications.
During his visit at environmental sciences and spintronics lab of department of physics the IIUI President was accompanied by Dr.
- Recognition of outstanding contributions to innovative technology and the pioneering of new technical fields, spintronics technologies and deep-learning technologies -
Magnetic molecules also bring advantages such as solubility and crystallinity to the field, and have allowed new properties to be discovered that are important to their application in new 21stcentury technologies such as quantum computing and spintronics.
Graphene materials have long spin relaxation time and length due to the small spin-orbit coupling, so graphene is most likely used for the spintronics applications.
[USPRwire, Tue Feb 10 2015] Graphene Electronics Market by Materials (PV, Electronics), Devices (Super capacitors, Transistors, Spintronics, Sensors, ICs & Chips, Lenses), Products (Computing, Consumer, Memory, Display), Developments (Nanotubes & Ribbons, Fullerenes) & Geography - Analysis & Forecast 2013 to 2020
Researchers worldwide are working to develop so-called "spintronics," which simultaneously could make computers faster and more powerful.
Researchers worldwide are working to develop so-called spintronics, which could make computers simultaneously faster and more powerful.