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Having spinules; minutely spiny.
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Leaf margin###long spinulose serrate###crenulate-serrate or near###shortly spinulose-###obtusely serrate, serrulate,
Description: Herbs perennial or annual, tufted; culms scapose or few noded; leaves eligulate; inflorescence paniculate, with few to many spikelets, lower primary bracts leaflike, sheathing; spikelets with 3-6 persistent glumes, of increasing length, flowers bisexual, bristles spinulose to plumose, anthers apiculate and conspicuously greenish yellow, achene obovate to oblong, beaked, surface smooth to reticulated, embryo more or less rhomboid to top-shaped with a tapered scutellum, notch present below root cap (embryo of the Carpha-type).
If a creature is spinulose, they have a small what?
argutula differ in having a short oval signum (rather than elongate), a less spinulose ostium bursae, and no longitudinal ridge posterior of the ostium.
In Figure 6(g), as the ultrasonic signals propagates inside the coal, the ultrasonic energy is largely weakened; ultrasonic signals first begin to disappear randomly, followed by the appearance of scrambled waveforms containing spinulose fluctuations and their amplitude and dominant amplitude both drastically decrease.
Miill.) Watt; Toothed or Spinulose Wood-Fern, Spinulose Shield-Fern; Border between woodland and shrubby field; Rare; C = 6; BSUH 18843.
Larvae of both species can vary in colour (Schaefer and Castrovillo, 1979; Morewood and Lange, 1997), but the later instars can be readily distinguished by the form of the hairs (spinulose in G.
Sessile spikelet, callus glabrous, glume spinulose, and awnless.
In the first study on molecular phylogeny of Cucurbitaceae (Kocyan et al., 2007) the 20 sampled taxa of Sicyoeae form a clade that, according to the authors, is well supported by morphology, including pollen characteristics such as the presence of exine finely spinulose and colpate or colporate grains.