spiral spring

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spi′ral spring′

a form of spring consisting of a wire coiled in a helix.
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Noun1.spiral spring - a spring that is wound like a spiralspiral spring - a spring that is wound like a spiral
hairspring - a fine spiral spring that regulates the movement of the balance wheel in a timepiece
spring - a metal elastic device that returns to its shape or position when pushed or pulled or pressed; "the spring was broken"
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The phantom, clad only in a short blue tunic quilted and silken but covered with grave-mold, rose slowly, as if pushed by a weak spiral spring.
The star is held under tension by a strong spiral spring in a ball bed of the now entirely flat holder and retracts when subjected to strong pressure.
In 1675, the astronomer and mathematician Christian Huygens invented the spiral spring that would play a leading role in the development of smaller and more precise watches, with highly complex mechanisms.
to cheek a spiral spring strong enough to pull the mouth shut smartly
The hinge is based on Spirol's spiral spring technology.
The invention of a spiral spring to drive a train of wheels solved this problem and resulted in the first portable clocks around 1410.
The spiral spring of the violation of the (nuclear) nonproliferation regime may unwind so strongly, that it will be impossible to stop it.
Por lo anterior es claro que los Kanembous, habitantes de Kanem, del norte de Chad, consumen y venden desde hace mucho tiempo esta cianobacteria en forma de estos bizcochos que reciben el nombre de dihe ("madre de la salsa"; Spiral Spring, 2005) y representan la fuente de la que obtienen la mayor cantidad de proteina.
Icotec's patented process starts with a pultruded rod, which is oven heated before molding into a spiral spring shape.
The algorithm measures the wind-up of the spiral spring inside the viscometer head, compares it to the angular distance traveled by the rotating motor shaft, and then computes the stress and strain values associated with the sample material that is being tested.