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spiral binding

A binding consisting of a cylindrical spiral of wire or plastic that is passed through a row of punched holes at the edge of a notebook or booklet.

spi′ral-bound′ adj.


having a spiral binding.
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The spiral-bound volume is tabbed to find sections easily.
Lader (clinical medicine, New York U.) offers students a humorous spiral-bound guide to arrhythmias, in a format akin to a field guide to animals.
Dugan's THE IDENTIFICATION OF FUNGI: AN ILLUSTRATED INTRODUCTION WITH KEYS, GLOSSARY, AND GUIDE TO LITERATURE (0890543364, $65.00) offers a spiral-bound workbook suitable for college-level classrooms investigating the subject.
During his trip, Dean Raymond kept a diary on the Internet and posted photographs to www.epilgrim.org, then published the text and pictures in a 348-page spiral-bound book.
Martini's Martinis by Peter Harmon, the "Food Guru" and owner of Martini's Grille, is a spiral-bound martini recipe collection that describes not only the ingredients of each martini but the specific nuances of the technique used to create it.
"Best Of The Best From Missouri Cookbook: Selected Recipes From Missouri's Favorite Cookbooks" is a spiral-bound collection of hundreds of recipes drawn from a large number the most beloved cookbooks published in the "Show Me" state by private individuals, non-profit organizations, and small presses.
Part recipe collection, part nutrition and dietary planning guide, The 28 Day Cleansing Program: The Proven Recipe System For Skin And Digestive Repair is a spiral-bound guide to planning eating habits designed to help purge oneself of internal toxins and related ills.
All this fits into a one-inch-thick, spiral-bound volume.
A total of 20 chapters in this spiral-bound book (ideal for photocopying forms) offer coaches 134 of the very best football forms collected and created throughout author's scholastic football coaching career in Wisconsin, Washington, and Texas.
Spiral-bound and hardcovered, this guide can be a durable addition to any hiker's backpack.
The CD-ROM, video, and spiral-bound guideline cover
The AP Stylebook is available in print in a spiral-bound edition.