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spire 1

1. A top part or structure that tapers upward, such as a rock formation or steeple.
2. A slender, tapering plant part.
v. spired, spir·ing, spires
To furnish with a spire.
To rise and taper steeply.

[Middle English, from Old English spīr.]

spire 2

a. A spiral.
b. A single turn of a spiral; a whorl.
2. The area farthest from the aperture and nearest the apex on a coiled gastropod shell.

[Latin spīra, coil, from Greek speira.]


adjspitz (zulaufend), zugespitzt; churchmit Spitzturm
References in classic literature ?
At last they con- spired together and hit upon a plan that promised a dazzling victory.
ENGLAND World Cup winner Jason Leonard is urging rug by clubs and schools across the North to Get in SPIREd this coming weekend and raise money for disabled former players.
Milwaukee's heavily spired skyline challenges even the most ardent church searcher to pinpoint this cathedral by steeple alone.