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spire 1

1. A top part or structure that tapers upward, such as a rock formation or steeple.
2. A slender, tapering plant part.
v. spired, spir·ing, spires
To furnish with a spire.
To rise and taper steeply.

[Middle English, from Old English spīr.]

spire 2

a. A spiral.
b. A single turn of a spiral; a whorl.
2. The area farthest from the aperture and nearest the apex on a coiled gastropod shell.

[Latin spīra, coil, from Greek speira.]
References in classic literature ?
Then their pleasure -- not to say delirium -- was so fresh and novel and in- spiring that the sight of it paid me well for the inter- ruptions which my sleep had suffered.
They passed in out of sight and presently there was a most awe-in- spiring racket in the wood.