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Noun1.spiritualisation - the act of making something spiritual; infusing it with spiritual content
change of state - the act of changing something into something different in essential characteristics
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A spiritualisation of economics and politics in India based on the noble values of prema, satya, ahimsa, tyaga and seva (love, truth, non-violence, sacrifice and service) which are common to the different religious traditions in our country, has become the crying need of the hour for the nation to survive as a dynamic living force.
is a moral bond, and one which extends human solidarity to material nature, thus making a beginning of its spiritualisation. This fact both justifies the institution of inherited property in land and serves as a basis for making it more conformable to the demands of morality.
Is charisma then really nothing but the "spiritualisation of violence"?
Il a precise egalement que la demarche interactive de cet evenement de grande ampleur consiste a regrouper toutes les composantes de la societe universelle de base, en assurant l'acte d'associer le comment avec le pourquoi, et ce autour d'un ideal de developpement: la spiritualisation de la politique susceptible d'apporter beaucoup de choses au monde d'aujourd'hui en termes d'approfondissement de ses propres valeurs et d'ouverture universelle.
"The spiritualisation of politics can thus play into the hands of the worst dictators, who are able to use religion as a channel of political support" (Ellis, Haar 2007: 394).
moving, but in the meantime, for the purpose of making gold, it is set to cook in a way that goes quite beyond reason; for from simple bodies in mixture with bodies, without a previous spiritualisation of them, we may hope for nothing; for Mercury does nothing unless it freely enters the pores of gold, that they separate each from itself in order to integrate with each other and easily go back to their original condition, or leap apart with an odour like that of fire.
Koenot ties this in with various meanings of 'religious', especially when connected with body: sacrificial religions mythologies, sacred/spiritual, the spiritualisation of the material and physical universe.
spiritualisation of producers as well as products, a disembodying of the
Instead, he shows how 'the spiritualisation of the household', a key concept long ago for Christopher Hill, was in all sorts of ways more important and, in the end, helps explain Puritanism's 'secret victory' after the Restoration.