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a. The belief that the dead communicate with the living, as through a medium.
b. The practices or doctrines of those holding such a belief.
2. A philosophy, doctrine, or religion emphasizing the spiritual aspect of being.

spir′i·tu·al·ist n.
spir′i·tu·al·is′tic adj.
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Adj.1.spiritualistic - of or relating to or connected with spiritualism
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The next, `The theory of the book is bad, full of morbid fancies, spiritualistic ideas, and unnatural characters.
He gradually grew more morbid, and became a rather pitiful victim of insomnia, the drug chloral, and spiritualistic delusions about his wife.
STRANGE though that is it in a highly educated, civilized and advanced world, many spiritualistic individuals, families, groups and societies lived, often or at least most of the times, rather disappointed financial life and economic abyss: Without material and economic prosperity, their another spiritual wing remained weak without required power to excel in their mission and vision in life.
progression recession primarily secondarily physicality provocation pronto slow mentality; conciliation/ spirituality propitiation profanation sanctification prosecution absolution R ecreational roam home occupational/ vocational ruination preservation S adistic salvation damnation select reject masochistic smear clear speed impede separation straight incurvate stray stay agglomeration (a neat deletion) spiritualistic materialistic subjugation liberation T actility turbidity ineffability lucidity/limpidity V italistic volatility mechanistic immutability W ork shirk Y ea nay Z en yen (double antonym: [yen]en as money (material vs.
Whether you buy into this spiritualistic premise or not, the audio and visual artistry will knock your socks off as you venture deeper and deeper.
GamalSolaiman (Egyptian Scholar) argued that a large number of people who partake in Shairah debate are not aware of origin or the prescriptive denotations of Shairah and have no knowledge about its essentiality as a societal and spiritualistic growth of an individual development (Hussain, 2009).
It is not bound by the same spiritualistic rituals of the ocean.
He was skilled at writing to criticize the abuses of the colonizers, with several newspapers and Western spiritualistic circles serving as his platforms (Jammes 2014, pp.
Van Helsing speaks of "sterilization" while consecrating the earth with a wafer; transfusion of blood with his help reminds of some magical manipulation of sexual character; hypnotizing resembles spiritualistic practice.
The manifest respect for her facial features and her idiosyncrasy and the relief of her emaciated face together with the strong contrast between light and dark transform her into a spiritualistic vision.
The whole phrasing of Islam in the early Meccan period as purely spiritualistic and moral, whereas the Medinan period was political and legal, is an Orientalist construction.
Luporini also attempted to react to the anti-progressive and spiritualistic bent of, among others, Adriano Tilgher's criticism.