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tr.v. spir·i·tu·al·ized, spir·i·tu·al·iz·ing, spir·i·tu·al·iz·es
1. To impart a spiritual nature to.
2. To invest with or treat as having a spiritual sense or meaning.

spir′i·tu·al·i·za′tion (-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
spir′i·tu·al·iz′er n.
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Noun1.spiritualization - the act of making something spiritual; infusing it with spiritual content
change of state - the act of changing something into something different in essential characteristics
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But that is a strange idea of yours," said Owen, "about the spiritualization of matter.
The Mariani biography is a loving, celebratory diary in which the author mostly records the salient episodes in Hopkins' life, admires the letters he wrote, the poems he composed, notes the deep spiritualization he evinced in good and bad times of his life, all done in an organ-toned prose.
The Word and its Witness: The Spiritualization of American Realism.
Drawing on original sources, he argues that, "What has traditionally been called a process of secularization of the spiritual law of the church must thus also be viewed as a process of spiritualization of the secular law of the state" (2003, 64).
On the contrary, he added, the New Testament envisaged the spiritualization of the "whole" human being, "body and soul together, pointing to the Resurrection of the Flesh.
And in this moment, Tennyson lights upon the consolatory device to which he will return again and again, in In Memoriam, The Idylls of the King, and elsewhere, namely, the making "holy" that which is merely human, in a sort of reverse kenosis, the spiritualization of that which is common, local, quotidian.
In two early essays Clooney discussed the spiritualization of sacrifice in the Hindu tradition, again returning to the Mimamsa Sutra and its author Jaimini.
One power, two poles of activity--one of which, the Reason, although normally operating unconsciously, can potentially be raised to full consciousness, leading to a correspondent spiritualization of nature, "the reverential withdrawing of nature before its God" (33).
The topics include exploring the sexual selves of young Canadian women in Protestant churches, the spiritualization of the self 1980-2000, and Muslim immigrant women in the US.
Aaron Magnan-Park's meticulously researched and powerfully argued essay on the highly popular and also highly controversial Bungee Jumping of Their Own analyzes the film's articulation of gender difference and desire, illustrating how, by adopting a Buddhist perspective, the film dares to question norms of sexuality and gender identity through spiritualization, while still appealing to a highly conservative audience.
Insistence on discontinuity between both Testaments and going beyond former perspectives should not, however, lead to a one-sided spiritualization.
itself, of the effective spiritualization of the individual, that hope