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n. pl. spi·ro·che·to·ses (-sēz)
Any of various diseases, such as syphilis, caused by infection with spirochetes.
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Human intestinal spirochetosis is characterized by the presence of a layer of spirochetes adherent to the apical epithelial surface of the colorectal mucosa.
These diagnoses included the following: melanosis coli (in 4 specimens with tubular adenomas and 1 specimen with hyperplastic polyp), mucosal prolapse (in 2 specimens with hyperplastic polyps), schistosomiasis (Figures 4(a), 4(b), and 4(c)) (in 1 specimen with adenocarcinoma and 1 specimen with hyperplastic polyp), and intestinal spirochetosis (Figure 5) (in 1 specimen with sessile serrated adenoma), and they were confirmed retrospectively by both of us.
Sero-diagnosis of the icterohaemorrhagic spirochetosis [in French].
After an ileocolic resection he was found to have intestinal spirochetosis of the caecum.
Introduction: Intestinal spirochetosis (IS) is a misunderstood condition caused by the intestinal invasion of spirochetes.