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adj, spirier or spiriest
of, featuring, or resembling a spire or spires


adj, spirier or spiriest
poetic of spiral form; helical


(ˈspaɪər i)

adj. spir•i•er, spir•i•est.
1. having the form of a spire.
2. abounding in spires or steeples.


(ˈspaɪ ri)

spiral; coiled; coiling; helical.
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[4.] Mester E, Spiry T, Szende B, Tota JG (1971) Effect of laser rays on wound healing.
As he watched the sun rise, Muir wrote: "The pale rose and purple sky changing softly to daffodil yellow and white, sunbeams pouring through the passes between the peaks and over the Yosemite domes, making their edges burn; the silver firs in the middle ground catch the glow on their spiry tops, and our camp grove fills and thrills with the glorious light." (9)
(79) For a good discussion of a number of other issues relating to Indigenous secession, see Emmanuel Spiry, "From "Self-Determination" to a Right to "Self-Development" for Indigenous Peoples' (1995) 38 German Yearbook of International Law 129, 142-4.
The eighteenth-century visitor would have first viewed the picturesque Gothic castle from the road: 'the approach to the house through lofty trees, (he embattled walls overgrown with ivy, the spiry pinnacles, the grave air of the building, give it all the appearance of an old abbey'.
NONAGRAM: alas; alias; apsis; arsis; assai; assail; assay; lass; lisp; lysis; paisa; palais; palsy; PARALYSIS; pass; prissy; rasp; raspy; rial; sail; salary; salsa; sari; sisal; slap; slay; slip; spar; spay; spiral; spiry; splay; spray; spry.
Perhaps from Norwood's oak-clad hill, When meditation has her fill, I just may cast my careless eyes Where London's spiry turrets rise: Think of its crimes, its cares, its pain.
Spiry, <<Homosexualite et Droit international des droits de l'homme--Vers une nouvelle donne en Europe ?>> (1996) 25 R.T.D.H.
For all the while Wordsworth was fussing over it, the conclusion of the poem had been achieved, without hesitation, by a verdict de gratia in the last stanza: --Yet tears to human suffering are due; And mortal hopes defeated and o'erthrown Are mourned by man, and not by man alone, As fondly he believes.--Upon the side Of Hellespont (such faith was entertained) A knot of spiry trees for ages grew From out the tomb of him for whom she died; And ever, when such stature they had gained That Ilium's walls were subject to their view, The trees' tall summits withered at the sight; A constant interchange of growth and blight!
THE LEAD STORY LARRY ATKINSON IS EDITING BROKE late, tunneling into the newsroom from that greatest source of news in a small town, the Main Street rumor mill, blowing past the Brown Palace Apartments and Jerry and Mary's Appliances and the Good Neighbor Store and Anderson's Family Shoe Store and the Silver Dollar Lounge and the Scherr-Howe Arena where Bill Spiry once lit up the varnished parquet with 42 points.
The most detailed response came from Roger Spiry, Manager, Beltrami Electric Co-op, Bemidji, MN.
Bill Spiry, immediate past chairman; doctoral student at UO School of Law and former human relations manager for the city of Springfield.