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n. Archaic
A hospital, especially one for patients with contagious diseases.

[Middle English spitel, short for hospital; see hospital.]


1. (Medicine) a hospital, esp for the needy sick
2. a highway shelter
[C13 spitel, changed from Medieval Latin hospitāle hospital]


(ˈspɪt l)

n. Archaic.
1. a hospital, esp. one for lazars.
2. a shelter on a highway.
[1625–35; alter. of spittle, Middle English spitel < Medieval Latin hospitāle]
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Contract notice: elw - franziskus spital landstrae construction phase 2 - demolition work
78 Ancrum Street, Spital Tongues, Newcastle, is available for rent through Walton Robinson for PS700pcm.
Officers followed a van from Spital all the way to Birkenhead before passing the pursuit over to a force helicopter.
The crossroads junction where The Spital, Leven Road and Spitalfields meet has become increasingly hazardous in recent years, says borough and Yarm Town councillor Andrew Sherris, who for many years lived close to the junction.
For the record, these were at Spital Tongues, the Hancock Museum, St Thomas churchyard in the Haymarket, Ridley Place, Christchurch in Shieldfield Green, St Dominic's in Crawhall Road, and Ouse Street.
So Parksie is PS275 down to PS50 stakes this season as he tries to win money for spital And he'll Yorkhill Hospital.
A In Germany, it sealed agreements for RIS and PACS solutions with, amongst others, Schon Klinik Hamburg Eilbek,A the Klinikum Stuttgart for its four sites, and at the Spital Zimmerberg, Spital Limmattal and Uniklinik Balgrist facilities.
But Wirral coroner Christopher Johnson yesterday told an inquest he believed that, despite a lack of medical evidence, Reverend Graham Mercer must have suffered a seizure at the wheel while driving in Spital.
Police said they believe the incident, in the Spital Hill area, was not a random attack.
The 18-strong Spital Dene Investment Club all play at the Tynemouth golf club in Spital Dene, North Shields.
South Yorkshire Police said a balaclava-clad man walked into the Afro-Caribbean Club, in Spital Hill, Sheffield and stabbed the brothers, who are aged 22 and 32, before running away.
Duguid said 23 acres of his farm at Spital in the Street, Lincolnshire, were dedicated to growing GM maize and 50 acres were taken up with non-GM maize.