spitting cobra

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spit·ting cobra

Any of several cobras of the genus Naja or the closely related ringhals snake that spray venom at an attacker's eyes, which can cause temporary or permanent blindness.
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Noun1.spitting cobra - aggressive cobra widely distributed in Africaspitting cobra - aggressive cobra widely distributed in Africa; rarely bites but spits venom that may cause blindness
genus Naja, Naja - cobras
cobra - venomous Asiatic and African elapid snakes that can expand the skin of the neck into a hood
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He has taken photographs of many snakes, such as the orange cobra, elegant racer, bitis arietans and red spitting cobra, as well as dotted bitis snake, black spitting cobra and echis carinatus.
The most common syndrome has been reported as PPS from cytotoxic venom, most usually due to a bite from a puff adder, rinkhals or Mozambique spitting cobra, [1,5] which is very much in keeping with our findings.
Items found in previous years include a spitting cobra and a 20cm-long scorpion, which were discovered in a package at the Portlaoise mail centre.
It's in poem form and tells you how to do polar bear dentistry, why you should never try to outspit a spitting cobra, and what bonnetheads, nurses and soupfins have in common.
FACTUAL This opening episode of the wildlife show finds the Lost actor in Kenya tracking down the incredible giant spitting cobra.
The title refers to the nickname of a career hitman, whose crime scene signature is a shell casing bearing a carefully engraved Mozambique spitting cobra poised to strike.
From a fuzzy track, he deduced a spitting cobra had slithered by while churned up mud told him we were on the trail of a family of elephants.
From a fuzzy track he deduced a spitting cobra had slithered by, and churned up mud told him we were on the trail of a family of elephants.
Officer Buckley responded and found a venomous, black-necked spitting cobra in a container, inside the residence.
For many, the bush experience will be entirely new and in order to operate efficiently and effectively in a guest-facing role lodge operations, interns will need to possess vital fundamental bush skills and knowledge, such as how to tell the difference between a spitting cobra and a black mamba, what to do if an elephant approaches the boma and how to identify a bird of prey calling from a distant acacia tree.
I did," he smiled proudly, adding: "from a spitting cobra.
Young remembers that Guido Westhoff had also noticed the spitting cobra's 'head wiggle', so he and his research assistant, Melissa Boetig, travelled to Horst Bleckmann's lab in the University of Bonn, Germany, to find out how spitting cobras fine-tune their venom spray.