splash down

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v. splashed, splash·ing, splash·es
1. To propel or scatter (a fluid) about in flying masses.
2. To scatter fluid onto (a surface) in flying masses; wet, stain, or soil with flying fluid.
3. To cause (something) to scatter fluid in flying masses: splashed their hands in the water.
4. To make (one's way) with or by the scattering of fluid.
5. To apply patches or spots of a contrasting, usually bright, color to: a floral pattern that was splashed with pink; moonlight splashing the deserted courtyard.
6. To display or publicize very noticeably: Their engagement was splashed all over the tabloids.
a. To cause a fluid to scatter in flying masses: splashed about in the swimming pool.
b. To fall into or move through fluid with this effect: We splashed through the waves.
a. To move, spill, or fly about in scattered masses: Whipped cream splashed onto the counter.
b. To produce a sound or sight associated with this effect.
1. The act or sound of splashing: went for a splash in the lake; heard the splash of the fish being thrown back.
a. A flying mass of fluid.
b. A small amount, especially of a fluid: a splash of liqueur on the cake.
3. A marking produced by or as if by scattered fluid: a splash of light.
4. A great though often short-lived impression; a stir: a publicity splash.
Phrasal Verb:
splash down
To land in water. Used of a spacecraft or missile.

[Probably alteration of plash.]

splash′er n.
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w>splash down

(Space) → wassern
(rain)herunterrinnen (→ prep obj an +dat)
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