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v. splayed, splay·ing, splays
1. To spread (the limbs, for example) out or apart: The dog rolled on its back and splayed its legs.
2. To make slanting or sloping; bevel: splayed the edge of the tabletop.
3. To dislocate (a bone). Used of an animal.
1. To be spread out or apart: After work, he splayed out on the couch.
2. To slant or slope.
1. Spread or turned out.
2. Clumsy or clumsily formed; awkward.
n. Architecture
An oblique angle or bevel given to the sides of an opening in a wall so that the opening is wider on one side of the wall than on the other.

[Middle English splayen, short for displayen; see display.]
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1. spread out or turned out
2. (Architecture) (of a window) set at an angle with respect to the wall
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Poor conformation (splayed toes), chronic irritation from interdigital dermatitis in combination with slippery floors and damp conditions are the most important contributing causes of interdigital fibroma in dairy cows (Greenough 2007; Bagate et al., 2012).
Faye said: "Sometimes chicks suffer from splayed legs from pushing hard to break the shell as they are hatching.
The sitting room is spacious and boasts a splayed bay window with leaded light details and a polished fire-surround with marble grate and inset gas fire.
Celine wooden painted chair in red PS59.50 from atlanticshopping.co.uk THIS farmhouse chair's straight lines and splayed legs are beautifully displayed thanks to the vibrant red colour.
The first thing you'll notice is the stand with its splayed legs that have no wheels in the setup position.
The CyberKnife Suite addition was designed with splayed exterior walls on the vault portion of the facility, with a pyramid-shaped roof to create a landmark identity on the ambulatory campus.
Splayed pin fins and hybrid pin fins both possess the round pins associated with the standard pin fin heat sink.
It is OK if you are 5ft 2in tall, but anyone who is blessed with long legs will have to sit sideways or legs splayed out so that only one person can sit on the seat.
THIS looks to be from the Arts & Crafts period, a two tiered mahogany hall table or plant stand on splayed tapering legs.
On the line they look like dried cod, splayed frozen legs
The medical office building, highlighted by an octagonal cupola light well and splayed entry canopy, is divided into two wings serving the two primary functions of family medical practice and physical/occupational therapy with shared business functions at the center.