1. Shining or lustrous; brilliant.
2. Admired by many; illustrious.

[Middle English, from Old French esplendent, from Latin splendēns, splendent-, present participle of splendēre, to shine.]


1. shining brightly; lustrous: a splendent sun.
2. famous; illustrious
[C15: from Latin splendēns brilliant, from splendēre to shine]


(ˈsplɛn dənt)

1. shining or lustrous.
2. eminent; illustrious.
[1425–75; late Middle English < Latin splendent-, s. of splendēns, present participle of splendēre to shine; see -ent]
splen′dent•ly, adv.
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In hand specimens, the cube faces are typically splendent and the octahedral faces are slightly less so.
Now by the kingdoms of infernal rule, Of Styx, Acheron, and the fiery lake Of ever-burning Phlegethon, I swear That I do long to see the monuments And situation of bright splendent Rome.
(67) Nero: colla Cytheriacae splendent agitata columbae, cited in Sen.
FRESHMAN sire Distant Music (Distant View-Musicanti, by Nijinsky) had his first winner in Italy on Tuesday, when his daughter Splendent Music ran out a six-length winner in a five-and-a-half-furlong race at Florence.
He also achieved big-race success in the Coventry Stakes (Dilum), Lincoln Handicap (Evichstar), Richmond Stakes (Mac's Imp & Dilum), Scottish Classic (Zoman), Diomed Stakes (Sylva Honda), Chester Cup (Travelling Light), Norfolk Stakes (Magic Ring) and Gimcrack Stakes (Splendent).
The older Seven Hundred Acre Island Formation is at least 200 m thick, its base is not exposed, and it makes up fault-bounded blocks of siliceous colour-banded dolomitic marble, muscovite-rich quartzite, coarse-grained splendent muscovite-garnet-staurolite-andalusite schist, and calcareous metapelite, with minor garnet amphibolite and amphibolite.
[ldots] A few minutes later, the embodied orisha returns splendent in a gold gown.[ldots] The drummers begin her praises, and all join a litany of her praise names.
The sperrylite crystals are of a bright tin-white colour with splendent luster.
On the down side, Eddery gets a five-day ban for careless riding on Silver Wizard (Geoff Lewis), who is demoted from second to third behind Splendent (Paul Cole/Munro) in the Gimcrack.
Stibnite loses its splendent surface, cut topazes pale, and some colors in barite slowly vanish.
Lot 108, a filly out of a half-sister to Gimcrack Stakes winner Splendent and very smart Aim For The Top, has had a recent pedigree boost with the Richmond Stakes third of her half-brother Anna Walhaan.
R7867) weighing 37 kg (82 pounds): it consists of an open network of splendent crystals associated with complex fluorite crystals and crystals of pyrite, quartz and chalcopyrite.