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1. Great light or luster; brilliance.
a. Magnificent appearance or display; grandeur.
b. Something grand or magnificent.
3. Great fame; glory.

[Middle English splendoure, from Old French splendour, from Latin splendor, from splendēre, to shine.]

splen′dor·ous, splen′drous (splĕn′drəs) adj.
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or splendrous
Marked by extraordinary elegance, beauty, and splendor:
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It is one of the most attractive, elegant and splendorous collections, carefully designed in yellow and white gold to add a touch of beauty to every woman who wants to look her fashionable best at all events," the brand said.
He told that that China had undergone a splendorous Community development on the bases of its Taxation Reforms and Pakistan can make a paradigm shift to have a business friendly taxation system by following Chinese taxation reforms.
It was complementary to the latter's splendorous decoration and served the same goal as the fine arts.
The splendorous history and outlook of the city have become a past now.
The Augustinians were inspired and industrious church builders the corridors of the museum are lined with paintings of their glorious creations throughout the archipelago and San Agustin Church itself remains the splendorous anchor of that evangelical effort.
But the beauty, the pleasure of works of art [that appear] as if they had no author, as if they were written by History or Society or God--by all unknown [words with] capital letters--and were left here for our splendorous rejoicing, written in eternity (RAMA 2008, p.
The Kanjeevaram sari is a famous weave and heritage from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, which has been weaving these silk saris in splendorous shades and colours for centuries.
And yet, these formerly splendorous republics, the bastions of freedom and reason, were eventually degraded into enslaving and tyrannical states (lines 43-44).
In January, Austria's Freedom Party (FPO) hosted its annual Academics Ball, where women in gowns and men in tuxedos and three-piece suits dance and socialize in Vienna's splendorous imperial palace.
The lap of honour on the splendorous boulevard is the reward for three weeks of hard work ...
The lap of honor on the splendorous boulevard is the reward for three weeks of hard work -- because the path to get there is hard and rocky.
The concluding lines highlight centrifugal thoughts detaching Salma from achieving Platonic highest good, from having a completely different stance than ever, from best mingling with nature: "Do not wonder how daylight, son of the morning, has gone / Speculation in life increases life's pain / Let depression and sorrow and recall a girl's fun / In early afternoon your face was lightning like early afternoon, / A splendorous and a cheerful one / Let it be so in the evening then" [phrase omitted] [Abu Madi, "The Evening" [61-62: 55-60]).